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Advertising. A divisive term, some like the idea while others loath it. Some don’t really think about it at all. But human beings will always be exposed to advertising. In Advertising, people will try to tell you that you need the things you don’t. Late Comedian Bill Hicks commented that advertising is the work of ‘satans little helpers’,  the ‘ruiners of all things good.’ who should kill themselves immediately.’ He followed up this rant by acknowledging that those in advertising in the audience will say of this gag that he’s “going for that anti-marketing dollar. That’s a good market, he’s very smart.” Something about advertising and its capitalistic tendencies sets people off.

Advertising sells to us the concept that we need something to make our lives a little better. That through the accumulation of possessions one can find fulfillment. Its a fickle notion, but one which prompts the need for greater understanding so one can be wary of the advertisers tools of persuasion.

There is a lot to learn about ourselves from advertising. The study of a countries advertisements says a lot about that countries inhabitants. Like it or not advertising in any of its form will not go away. It is important to study it and in turn we will study ourselves.

This site will take down the veneer of advertising, allow us to peek around the curtain at how advertising works. Jenna, Tim and Rich have grown up in full gaze of the advertising. Studying at Monash University, they are looking at how advertising works, from its presentation to the business behind it and how advertising is changing as people become more savvy.

Advertising is Ubiquitous = Adbiquitous


Jenna is our resident Social Media and Marketing girl, who loves nothing more than sitting down with a pen and pad in hand and watching an episode of the Gruen Transfer. She is in her fifth and final year of Arts/Marketing at Monash University, and relishes in the opportunity to combine her two loves – writing + graphic design = Advertising.

Tim O’Rourke is a 21 year old journalism student who has chosen to take an in depth look at at how much money on a state level in Victoria is being pumped into advertising from a political perspective and also on the corporate side of things. Advertising as an industry is a global phenomenon and governments use it as a tool for many different motives.
This semester film and journalism student Richard Barton will delve into the world of advertising on our cinema screens. The recent trend in filmmakers’ subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) attempts to place product in the viewers gaze makes for an interesting conversation along the lines of art vs. commerce. The notion of ‘selling out’ in Hollywood isn’t as stressed as it is in other industries, Richard will look at why this is and how it could be.

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